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Discover how you can move to Canada via business immigration programs: Provincial Nominee Entrepreneur Programs, Start up visa and more.

Canada actively seeks individuals and enterprises comprising companies, business people, executives, managers, investors, and entrepreneurs who show interest in relocating to Canada and making substantial contributions to the nation’s economy and society. To attract and facilitate the immigration of these promising groups, several federal business immigration programs have been established. These programs provide opportunities for business people and self-employed individuals to establish or expand their businesses in Canada, thereby leveraging their expertise and resources to foster a positive direction for the Canadian economy.

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Provincial Nominee Entrepreneur Programs
Most provinces have their own business immigration streams known as Canada PNP Entrepreneur Immigration Streams.


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Federal Start-up Visa Program
Unique Canadian program and has been implemented to encourage foreign entrepreneurs to come to Canada, create new jobs and stimulate economic growth..

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Self-Employed Persons Program
This program creates an amazing PR pathway while keeping the eligibility requirements quite realistic.

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Where to start?

The first step in business immigration to Canada is understanding the requirements and eligibility of every program to determine which pathway is optimal for you. Contact our immigration law firm today to schedule a strategy session and streamline your immigration process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business immigration in Canada refers to the process of obtaining Canadian permanent residency or work permits for individuals who wish to establish, invest, or manage a business in Canada.

The Start-up Visa Program is designed for entrepreneurs with an innovative business idea that has the potential to create jobs and grow in Canada. It requires support from a designated Canadian venture capital fund, angel investor group, or business incubator.

Eligibility requirements vary based on the specific business immigration program but often include factors such as business experience, language proficiency, and a solid business plan.

Yes, after becoming permanent residents and meeting certain residency requirements, business immigrants can apply for Canadian citizenship to become Canadian citizens.